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Embedding Overview


AITable supports different types of view (Grid, Kanban, Gantt, and Gallery View) to present and edit data. Additionally, there are dashboard and widgets in AITable allowing you to visualize data in a few easy steps and help you generate business insights.

Embedding, a functiion that helps you integrate all the features above into your internal systems in a flexible way, can be used in many cases. For example:

  • Create a product gallery using AITable, and then embed it into another web pages, blogs, and various systems.
  • Embed a Gantt chart into the project document via iframe tag to manage projects.
  • Embed and integrate the datasheets into internal systems to efficiently build customized business management systems.


What is embedding?

It refers to embedding a AITable datasheet into another various web pages such as online documents and enterprise's internal systems to let related collaborators be able to view and edit the data in the current web page without navigation.

In addition to being available for browser to access, a public link of a datasheet can also be embedded into third-party web pages via <iframe> tag.

You can directly paste the link into some online web applications, and the page referenced by the link will be automatically recognized and loaded. The web applications supporting embedding include Notion, Wolai, Lark and so on.

👉 Get to know more details: Embedding via Public Links

Custom embedding

You can use API to create a special embedded link for a datasheet, which provides you with configuration parameters to cutomize the web page embedded as your wish.

By performing custom embedding and choosing which elements and theme color of the datasheet are going to be displayed, you can obtain a web page with harmonious style, and constrain the data range to ensure data security.

👉 Get to know more details: Custom Embedding

Comparison of two embedding types

                   Embedding via public links          Custom embedding                  
Conditions of use          Available for all levels of spaces  Available for spaces on Pro or higher plan in AITable Cloud as well as Enterprise self-hosted edition            
Link generation methods      Public links are automatically generatedCall API to create "embedded links"
Embedding methods         <iframe> tag  <iframe> tag        
Actions available                                                        
Embed a particular view      ❌                    ✅                          
Customize theme colors    ❌                    ✅                          
Hide the AITable logo at bottom❌                    ✅                          
Hide the left side bar  ❌                    ✅                          
Hide the view tabs    ❌                    ✅                          
Hide the view toolbar    ❌                    ✅                          
Embed folders        ✅                    ❌                          
Embed Dashboards        ✅                    ❌                          
Edit datasheet after log in ✅                    ✅                          
Add/delet fields and modify field configurations  ❌                    ✅                        
Add/delete views    ❌                    ✅                        

Some of the acitions mentioned above are available under certain conditions. You can contact customer service for further using details.