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Freeze Fields

With the freeze fields, the frozen fields remain visible when you scroll across the datasheet.

Freeze fields can be used in the following scenarios:

When you use a CRM system, you can freeze the field of the member's name so as to view other information for analysis;

When you are viewing project data, you can freeze the fields of task name, start time, and end time, so as to manage priority properly;



How to freeze fields

To freeze fields, right-click on the field's header to bring up the configuration menu, then select the option "freeze to this column".


How to freeze fields

Actions to unfreeze fields are similar to the steps above, selecting the first field and right-clicking to select "freeze to this column" again. By doing so, the frozen state of other fields can be adjusted.



  1. What is the maximum number of columns I can freeze?

The maximum number of columns that can be frozen is determined by the width of your device.