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Record activity

Record activity refers to the area located to the right of the "record card," serving as a critical component for team collaboration and information tracking. For instance, in project management, team members can discuss task progress, suggest improvements, or review the changes a task has undergone right beside its record.

Illustration of UI for record activity

Within the record activity area, you can leave comments on the current record, browse comments from other members, and view the complete edit history of the record.

Toggling Record Activity Visibility

After opening a record card, as shown below, you can control the visibility of the record activity by using the button in the upper right corner of the card.

Demonstration of record activity display/hide functionality

In the upper right corner of the record activity area, you can toggle to view only "Comments" or "Modification History."

Demonstration of switching between comments and history

How to Comment on a Record

Comments can be added in the record activity sidebar (except when viewing revision history Only). Currently supported features include:

  • @Mention your collaborators in your space. People who are mentioned will receive notification.
  • Comment with emojis on other collaborators' comments.
  • Quote a comment for quick reply

Illustration of UI for record comments

If a collaborator doesn't have the permission accessing a datasheet, when he/she is mentioned in a record, he/she will still receive a notification, but will fail to open the datasheet.

When an emoji is commented on other collaborators' comments, they will not be notified.

Comments that have been recorded can be kept for an extended period of time, although the exact duration may vary depending on the level of the space station. For more information about how long "dynamic" activities are retained, please refer to the section on time limits here. It's important to note that once deleted, comments cannot be recovered.

Record Revision History

The record activity displays the history of the current record, including the time of change, the person who made the edit, and the content before and after the modification.

Illustration of UI for the record history

Durability of Activity Data

The "Record Activity" feature allows you to view and audit past data changes, aiding in a better understanding of how data evolves over time.

The ability to trace data history varies with the level of your workspace subscription. Depending on the workspace level you choose, you can trace data history for up to 24 months. This means you'll have access to and can review data modifications from up to the past 24 months, enabling better data management and protection. For specific benefits of different workspace levels, please refer to the pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can comment on records?

    Those with "read-only" access to a file can comment on records within the datasheet. Conversely, if one does not have access to the file, they cannot open it even if they receive a comment notification.

  • How can I delete a comment?

    Members within the workspace can delete their own comments, while only workspace administrators have the ability to delete comments from all users.

  • Is it possible to view the modification history of multiple records at once?

    The modification history feature only supports viewing the history of individual records and does not support bulk viewing.

  • Does the display duration of comments depend on the workspace level?

    The display duration of comments is not limited by the workspace level. Once posted, comments will be displayed indefinitely unless manually deleted.

  • Can the modification history of a record be deleted?

    Currently, it is not possible to delete the modification history of a record. This feature is continuously being developed, so stay tuned for future updates.