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Template Center


Template center provides templates that can be applied for various working scenarios of different industries, such as project management, supply chain management, human resources management, marketing management, and etc., helping you effectively create your own worflows and improving work efficiency.

Use the template to create datasheets

There are two methods to open the template center:

Method 1: Click the "template center" icon on the left bar.

Method 2: Click the "+Add" on the top of the Explorer and select "Create from Template".


Using templates

Select the template you want to use in the Template Center.


After clicking "Use Template", a setting window will appear. You can choose in which space you would like to use the template and whether to use the raw data provided by the template.


Sharing template

You can also share the template link to other collaborators for quick access. ![copy_template_lin](./img/copy_template_link.png)